January 27th, 2018

Healthy gardens and lawns begin with quality sod, seeds, fertilizer, and soil. Without these components and without the perfect balance of nutrients, even the best-loved landscapes are destined to fail. Fortunately, you can get everything you need by working with a reputable sod supplier in Naperville. Following are a few, critical questions to ask when working with these companies. It is always best to start by asking prospective suppliers whether or not they are growing their own sod on…

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December 27th, 2017

benefits of healthy sod in northern illinois

Beautifully landscaped spaces always start with healthy foundations. This means that you need superior-quality fertilizer, seed, and sod to create a lovely and enduring space. Without these things, your grass, flowers and other foliage won’t have the hearty nature and appearance that you really want. Quality sod is rich in nutrients that support healthy growth and development while remaining free of potentially harmful impurities. Following are several things that you should look for when…

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November 27th, 2017

How to Get Rid of Pesky Weeds

Although weeds don’t necessarily damage most types of lawns, they oftentimes hurt the aesthetic appeal of your home or business and will usually spread very quickly, making them even harder to manage. Despite these difficulties, there are a variety of methods that you can use to kill existing weeds and prevent them from returning in the future. Each method has its own advantages and drawbacks that you should be aware of before selecting one. Weedkiller One of the best aspects of…

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October 27th, 2017

Best Ways to Enhance Your Backyard

A type of renovation that’s becoming increasingly popular for many homeowners is that of a backyard renovation that transforms the area into a complete outdoor retreat. If you love to spend time among nature and enjoy the outdoors, this type of renovation may be perfect for you and would certainly add value to your home if you’re looking to sell in the future. Here are a few of the best ways to enhance and renovate your backyard. Consider a Change in Sod If your lawn has started to…

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September 27th, 2017

How to Prepare Your Sports Field For the Winter

If you manage a sports field of any kind, from a soccer field to a baseball field, you’ll want to prepare this field for the winter so that it remains in good condition and continues to be usable during the chilly winter months. With the changing of the seasons, fields must also adapt so that the sod is ready for the springtime without the need for an entire field replacement. Here are some important tips and guidelines that will help you winterize your sports field. Have a Plan No…

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