Dunteman Turf Farms: The Leading Providers Of Kentucky Bluegrass Seed

The process of landscaping is dynamic in nature. To obtain the most appropriate seed, 6-24-24 fertilizer, and sod, Dunteman Turf Farms is the best to consider. This is because it is identified with very economical pricing as well as sound quality commodities in the industry. In regards to Sod, our company is focused on offering quality commodities at a modest value. We are the leading commercial sod farms in Elburn IL, specializing in Kentucky Bluegrass Seed among others.

Majority of our commodities constitute minerals that are rich in soil, and our seeds are particularly blended from the finest bluegrasses in the globe. Besides, we employ competent staff who supervises the stock regularly to ensure that all products are not affected by the mold among other defects. Conversely, our sod is grown for one and a half years before it is harvested for your particular request. In essence, we are endowed with many of the most established sod in the industry.

We have competent growers with preliminary and crucial knowledge that exclusive prerequisites characterize Chicagoland. This is the reason why we emphasize growing our sod locally to allow adaptation as well as compatibility in various regions as well as climatic situations. Consequently, there is a high-water retention rate which has subsequently reduced expenses involved in watering and labor. It is essential also to take note of the results unpredictability. That is, the outcome tends to vary depending on the prevailing weather conditions during the growing period.

In the process of transplanting, the sod that we have is sturdier than others because of the long roots characterized by mass density. Additionally, the different turf grass that is cultivated through our sod has exhibited distinct performance in many university turf examinations, carrying about 60 % shade tolerance. However, such trials have also manifested that the kind of grass grown from our sod were resistant to bugs and even overwatering.

Our products serve significantly in almost all purposes and provide best results no matter where it is applied. This is because we tend to give the best selection as well as prices in the region. Notably, when looking for quality growth as well as the outstanding outlook in areas that are grassy, consider Dunteman Turf Farms for such activities among other products that serve the purpose of landscaping.

At last, all of our commodities are selected for adaptability in diverse areas such as color, job areas, personal strengths, and tolerance. Delivery is offered within 24 hours upon cutting, picking up or delivering. Hence, optimizing transplant success as well as curtailing roll heating. The fact that we are conveniently located within Chicagoland, delivery is done within the shortest time possible. For further inquiries, you can contact us on email, telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.