Introducing 6-24-24 Fertilizer And Sod For Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping, individuals and businesses often have a number of different options. If looking for some of the best 6-24-24 fertilizer, seed and sod, we here at Dunteman Turf Farms have some of the most competitive pricing and quality products in the industry. When it comes to sod, our goal is to provide quality products at the most reasonable prices which can ensure beautiful greenery in any environment.

Our products contain soil rich in minerals and our seeds are specially blended from the best bluegrasses on the planet. In addition, staff monitors our stock on a daily basis to assure all products are free of mold or other defects. Whereas, we grow our sod for a full 18 months before harvesting for your specific order. As such, we have some of the most mature sod in the industry.

The growers here at Dunteman Farms clearly understand that the Chicagoland area has unique growing needs. As such, we grow our sod locally to ensure adaptation and compatibility in differing locations and weather conditions. As a result, there is higher water retention in the soil, thus reducing the expense of labor and watering. While this is the case, it should be noted that results can often vary depending on inclement weather during the growing season.

When transplanting, our sod is stronger than most due to high roots with a mass density. In addition, turfgrass varieties grown from our sod have performed exceptionally well in university turf trials with a sixty percent shade tolerance. Whereas, trials have also shown that grasses grown from our sod were also resistant to disease and over watering.

Whether ordering for home, business, large commercial or university landscaping, we have the products you need for the best results. For, we offer the best selection and prices in the area. As such, when looking for quality growth and outstanding appearance in grassy areas, look no further than Dunteman Turf Farms for these and other landscaping products.

Ultimately, all our products are chosen for adaptability to job sites, color, tolerance, and individual strengths. We also offer delivery within twenty-four hours of cutting whether picked up or delivered, thus maximizing transplant success and minimizing roll heating. We are conveniently located within close proximity to the Chicagoland area and can deliver your order within a short amount of time at your request. For more information, feel free to contact us by telephone or email and we will reply as soon as possible.