Leading Winter Grass Seed Supplier Explains Everything You Should Know About Perennial Ryegrass

Ryegrass is a top choice to go for irrespective of the kind of landscape you have. It grows faster and can withstand the pressure of heavy foot traffic. Thanks to its quick germination, you have to constantly invest in yard maintenance, especially during the warmer months. We are the leading winter grass seed supplier and here are facts we would want you to know about perennial ryegrass.

First, this turf-type is commonly used in just about all parts of America. Even so, its application differs from one region to another. Naturally, the grass is hard-working and this allows it to quickly establish itself. Under the right growing conditions, your turf will form an alluring fine-bladed lawn that will not lose its luster even during the cold winter season.

Ryegrass also provides quality pasture for livestock. In spite of this, it is not in any way related to the rye plant and it, therefore, does not produce cereal grain. Perennial ryegrass is related to a turf type referred to as annual ryegrass. That said, you want to choose the turf-type perennial ryegrass variety that offers a permanent lawn that thrives year after year under the right conditions.

This type of grass can be used to provide outstanding lawn stability for single seasons. You can also use it for erosion control and as a means to add quick color to your outdoors. Because this is a cool season type of turf, you can expect its growth to drastically peak during the colder seasons.

The fact is that ryegrass is best suited for areas that experience moderate summers. While this may be the case, it is still extensively used by southern lawn owners because warm-season grasses tend to turn brown and go dormant during the cold months of winter. We can, therefore, provide you with seeds that you can use over your existing warm-season lawns.

We recommend using winter grass seeds on thinning northern lawns. Because of their fast germinating characteristic, they will create a temporary green luster that will come in handy especially in the winter months. Bear in mind that during these months, warm-season grasses die out and turn brown.

Thanks to our unmatched experience in providing top quality grass seeds, we can confidently say that perennial ryegrasses are a prime component in maintaining an appealing and functional lawn all year round. This is a turf type you will need, especially if you own an athletic field. You can use it on shaded areas or even on your whole yard as you allow slower germinating grasses like Kentucky bluegrass to gradually get established.