As an industry leading fertilizer supplier, we believe that very few soils are fertile enough to supply the nutrients which healthy plants need. While grasses will survive without fertilization, they will not look and perform to the standards we set for them today. A healthy, green, lush lawn is generally the result of a correct fertilization program. There are many opinions about how often and when to fertilize. In general, when living in the Midwest such as, Elburn, DeKalb, St. Charles, Geneva, Aurora, Naperville, Batavia, Elgin and Yorkville, Illinois you should fertilize a minimum of two times per year, but the lawn enthusiast should fertilize a minimum of four or five times per year. Treat your lawn similar to your body. It needs to eat and drink water to grow and survive.

Fertilizers are composed of three essential elements: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N-P-K).

These are the three numbers you typically see on a bag of fertilizer (20-10-10). They represent the percentage of each element in the bag. Nitrogen promotes foliage and its green color. Phosphorus promotes root development, while Potassium promotes disease resistance plus the flowering and fruit development in plants. Always follow labeled directions when applying fertilizers. Just like your body, too much of a good thing is not always good.

Starter and Fall Fertilizer (13-13-13)

This fertilizer is great during sod installation and seeding, providing essential elements required for rooting and disease prevention. This is also a great blend to use in the early spring and late fall (Halloween), and should be applied at least once a season.

Summer Green Fertilizer (25-0-5)

There are great general maintenance fertilizers that will promote top growth, provide a deep green color, and keep your lawn looking beautiful throughout the summer. A good program for this blend is to apply around Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.

Summer Green Fertilizer (19-0-2)

Similar to the 25-0-5, with less nitrogen.

Early Spring Crabgrass Preventer (10-0-0)

This pre-emergence fertilizer for crabgrass must be applied in early spring (before May 1st) to help prevent the germination of crabgrass which typically starts appearing in July. A 50 pound bag covers approximately 7,500 sq.ft.

Weed & Feed (12-0-2 w/Trimec)

Maintenance fertilizer with Trimec Herbicide to control dandelions, clovers and other broadleaf weeds. This is a post-emergent herbicide and should be applied when you start to notice dandelions or clovers coming up. The application must occur when grass is wet and 2 days before a rain storm or watering.

Grub Control Fertilizer (15-0-5 w/Merit)

Maintenance fertilizer with Merit pesticide. This is a preventative pesticide to control white grub larvae, black turfgrass ataenius, and crane flies. It is best to apply between May and August before grub damage appears.

13-13-13Balanced blend for spring and fall
(6,500 sq.ft./bag)

25-0-5Maintenance fertilizer for summer color (10,000 sq.ft./bag)
50% Duration, 50% N-Fate, 14% S (Slow release Nitrogen)
19-0-2Maintenance fertilizer for summer color
50% Duration, 50% N-Fate, 14% S (Slow release Nitrogen)
10-0-0w/.1% Dimension, 30% Duration
(Pre-emerge for Crabgrass Control, apply by April 15)
12-0-2w/Trimec for broadleaf control
To control Dandelions, clover, and other broadleaves
15-0-5w/Merit for preventative grub control (11,100 sq.ft./bag). Apply between May and August.$38.00

*All prices are FOB @ Kaneville
*All prices subject to change

Remember to always water your lawn within 48 hours after fertilizing to dissolve the fertilizer into usable food for the root system. If you’re a weather watcher, try to apply fertilizer prior to rain.

Due to the supply chain disruptions, we may have to make slight changes to our fertilizer blends as the year goes on. We will assure that any changes will not have an impact on the quality of the product and will be communicated with you. Please call ahead to make sure we have what you are looking for in stock.

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