Reasons To Buy Grass Directly From Our Sod Farms Illinois

There’s nothing more beautiful than a deep green and lush lawn, but drought, harsh winter weather, and heavy foot traffic can all destroy the condition of turf. Whether you need to replace the grass in your backyard or patches that pests or the weather has damaged, you can’t go wrong with fresh sod. When visiting sod farms Illinois customers are guaranteed fresh, strong, and healthy grass for homes and businesses.

You can easily purchase grass from a local nursery; however, the quality of turf found at our farm is simply unmatched. Based on our years of experience, we grow resilient turf in rolls, making it easier to plant and grow. Our wide variety of grasses have been cared for and specifically grown to take root quickly and provide dense coverage compared to planting seeds.

Not only will you find all types of green and lush grasses at our farm, but you’ll also find customized square footage. We sell large rolls that are easily laid out to create an instant lawn or smaller sections to replace damaged patches. All you need to do is measure the area you need to be covered to receive the correct amount of turf.

If you are looking for durable turf such as rockstar Kentucky bluegrass, we have strong and healthy turf that is perfect for sunny spots. Our grass can tolerate the extreme winter cold and it spreads quickly. These characteristics can make for a healthy and uniform lawn that offers rapid coverage for bare areas.

For sod near me, look no further than our specialized farms. We offer professional advice concerning the selection of certain types of grass based on your climate and we provide steps for planting and watering newly laid lawns. To improve the appearance of your yard with tough grass that is grown for fast recovery, uniformity, and exceptional color, reach out to our trusted team for assistance.