Why Purchase Fresh Grass From Commercial Sod Farms In Chicago

Keeping lawns in excellent condition requires ongoing maintenance through the summer and winter. When weather conditions are tough on grass and maintenance is poor, it often results in poor-looking turf that needs to be replaced. Whether you are looking to replace turf or install a new lawn offering durability and longevity, then our commercial sod farms in Chicago can help you with the healthiest grass for your home or business.

Many people ask the question, why should they purchase sod for large installation projects rather than simply reseed the lawn? The reason for buying turf from a professional farm is that it is more affordable, takes less time to produce a tough lawn, and instantly transforms a yard. Our turf will also not require the large volume of water that new grass seed or reseeding a lawn would take.

Our professionals in the industry can advise on the best quality turf to install for your location whether a residential or commercial property. We offer healthy turf ready to install and will only require basic care such as trimming and watering compared to the maintenance of applying new seed. With our fresh sod delivery service, you won’t have to worry about lifting a finger as we bring your new lawn to your property.

Why wait for up to a year with a newly seeded lawn when you could be using the area of newly-sodded lawns in only a few weeks. When you have tough and vigorous grass, you won’t have to be concerned about new shoots or seedlings with the installation of strong and lush turf. Our sodded lawns will arrive weed-free and ready to unroll for a brand new turf.

There is nothing more attractive than a lush green lawn that is tough against heavy traffic and is easy to maintain. Fortunately, you can rely on our professional sod farm for durable grass that we will deliver to your home or business. Speak to us about our range of professional and dedicated solutions and we will help you with the finest grass.