Benefits Of A Wholesale Sod Delivery Service

At Dunteman Turf Farms, we are dedicated to delivering our quality products to areas across the region. We can give you a price quote at the outset, which will of course depend on the amount of sod you are ordering. Our wholesale sod delivery service has team members on call to answer questions, provide advice, and fill orders.

Our bluegrass is among the best varieties available and will remain green and vibrant for many years. Its adaptability for various sites makes bluegrass an excellent option. We’ll ensure that the individual rolls are installed correctly so that the ground is level when the project is completed.

We also provide grass seed to interested parties. If you are considering starting a lawn from seed, you’ll want to choose a variety that is relatively quick-growing and hardy under a variety of weather conditions. Whether your planting area is primarily sunny or shady, we’ll set you up with the right grass for your specific conditions.

When deciding whether to go with sod or seed, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions. First and foremost, will you be able to provide your yard with plenty of care early on? Seed will need to be watered regularly so that it germinates effectively.

You’ll also want to examine your soil, which might be done with a professional soil analysis through one of the local colleges or universities. Sandy and clay soils have vastly different drainage properties. Sandy soils, in fact, might require certain varieties of grass for maximum coverage.

You can ultimately rely on us to deliver exactly what you need in the right time-frame. We’ll deliver your sod quickly so that it can be installed in the proper location as efficiently as possible. We’ll make sure that all deliveries are completed with a high attention to detail.