Buying Guide For Wholesale Grass Seed For Sale

Grass seeds are planted for various reasons such as pastures, lawns, reclamation areas, and also erosion control. Turf performs a vital role in the ecological system, including improving air quality and acting as a water filtration system. If you are considering buying wholesale grass seed for sale, you should consider the following factors.

Seed type is a vital factor to consider. It would help if you outlined which turf seeds you need. We offer a variety of them, including native grass, which is suitable for lawn and farm pasture. Lawn type is planted for commercial and home lawn use. Most of this type is not used for farm pasture or food forage. Farm pasture is suitable for grazing domesticated animals, while plot forage is used for wildlife food plots. Turf type is ideal for sporting areas.

Seed types can be further divided into the cold season and warm season seeds. Cold season turf originates in the north and is grown during spring and fall. Warm-season turf originates in the south, and they go dormant during winter. Cold season turf grows well in cold regions, and the opposite is true for warm-season turf. Such factors must be considered to get seeds suitable for your area.

The quality of such seeds matters if one wishes to attain nice looking turf. Dunteman Turf Farms LLC is your number one choice in the region when it comes to high-quality seeds. Do not neglect this factor because it will affect your turf’s establishment process; if you use inferior quality seeds, any turf type establishment process is likely to fail.

It is essential to read the label to determine if the seeds meet your specifications. We label all our seeds to enable clients to know what they are buying. All turf seeds have weeds, but you must always look for those with 0.5 percent of weed seeds in them. The inert matter should not exceed two percent. Call us today at 630-557-2900.