Top Five Reasons Why You Need To Work With A Reliable Commercial Sod Farm In Chicago

Firms that grown grass in soil and cut into rolls or squares for use in landscaping and lawns have been on the rise in the recent past. These companies prepare sod that property owners use to establish a new lawn, repair or improve an existing landscapes. They grow the grass on a layer of soil in a controlled environment, such as a greenhouse or a field, and is carefully prepared and watered and fertilized regularly to ensure optimal growth. Once the grass reaches the desired height and thickness, they cut it into rolls or squares using specialized machinery. Commercial sod farms sell their products to a variety of customers, including landscaping companies, golf courses, sports fields, and residential homeowners. The post discusses the top five reasons why you need to work with a reliable Commercial sod farm in Chicago.

Quick and Easy Installation

One of the main reasons why you ought to outsource sods from an established commercial farm is the speed at which you can install it after purchase. We enable you to have a fully established lawn in a matter of days instead of waiting for grass seeds to germinate and grow. You skip the need to wait for the grass seed germination as it can take several weeks or even months. Our commercial grass requires delivery and installation to start enjoying your new lawn almost immediately. Contact us for timely delivery if you have a deadline for a landscaping project. We also have you covered when you want to transform a barren or damaged lawn into a beautiful outdoor space as quickly as possible.

Improved Appearance

We grow grass grown in a controlled environment at our commercial farms, which allows it to grow uniformly and with no or minimal defects. As a result, our grass tends to have a more consistent and attractive appearance compared to seeded lawns, which can be patchy and uneven. We can also cut our sods into precise shapes and sizes for clients who want to customize their lawns. This option can be useful if you want to create a specific design or feature in your lawn.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Sod is a more Eco-friendly option compared to seeded lawns, as it requires less water and fertilizers during the establishment phase. We grow healthy sods to reduce your water usage and help prevent pollution from runoff. Grass from our farms is also less likely to contribute to soil erosion, as it is fully established and rooted in the soil from the moment we install it on your landscapes. We always aim to preserve the integrity of your soil and protect it from degradation.

Enhanced Property Value

A properly maintained lawn can enhance the appearance and value of your property. We design and grow bulk sod grass for sale that create a beautiful, healthy lawn that will be attractive and potentially increase the value of your home or business. We got you covered whether you want to create a welcoming outdoor space for your family and friends or you want to make a good impression on potential buyers or clients. Our sods can be an effective investment in the long-term value of your property.

Professional installation

As an established commercial sod plantation, we offer installation services to save you time and hassle. Our teams of professionals come with the necessary tools and equipment to prepare the soil and lay the sods, ensuring that grass is properly aligned and spaced. Our expertise and specialists help ensure that your new lawn looks appealing and has the best chance of thriving. Visit us for wholesale sod and professional guide on the best ways to take care of your lawns with our quality grass.