The Best Reasons To Shop For A Sod Farm Near Me In Chicago

At Dunteman Turf, we’re all about creating optimal growing conditions. With extensive experience in sod farming, we understand the nature and nuances of different planting and landscaping environments and the needs of specific plant species. We also have a keen understanding of how to create spaces that effectively route water in the intended direction and have few to no problems with soil erosion. Because of this knowledge, we’re eager to showcase a few important reasons why you should be looking for a sod farm near me in Chicago.

Most commercial sod suppliers don’t place an emphasis on quality. Instead, they are all about volume. This plays a hand in determining how they source, store, and transport their wares, and on the viability of the sods they supply. At Dunteman Turf, we provide a far higher quality of sod than you can get at large, big box stores. We house our products with extraordinary care, and everything that we sell is produced in-house.

Freshness is another key attribute that you can expect when you work with us. Our sod hasn’t been sitting in a large, dry warehouse for weeks on end. It’s healthy, viable, and ready to go onto the ground for superior planting experiences. These rolls haven’t been treated with colorants or chemicals to give them a deceptively fresh appearance.

Also, unlike companies that offer a very diverse range of products, this is the area that we specialize in. When we offer bulk grass sod for sale, we always have knowledgeable professionals on hand to offer tips, tools, and guidance. Thus, if you haven’t worked with these materials before, you’ve got nothing to worry about. We’ll help you choose the right options for your needs and your budget.

We’ve also got grass seed, fertilizer, and more. You can count on us for seamless, end-to-end solutions. Whether you’re installing grass in your front yard or landscaping a massive commercial facility, Dunteman Turf has got you covered. Call us now to find out about our current specials, learn more about our inventory, or request a quote.