Get Connected With A Reputable Sod Supplier In Elburn

When it comes to producing a healthy and robust garden, yard, business landscape, or farm, you have to start with a healthy foundation. Are you looking for a reputable sod supplier in Elburn? When you work with Dunteman Turf Farms, you can expect speedy delivery of high-quality, affordable and truly all-natural products. We’re proud to be Elburn’s number one sod and grass seed supply company.

There are a number of important reasons why we’re such a trusted supplier of these products within the Chicago area. Foremost among these, however, is the fact that we have a comprehensive understanding of the unique nuances and requirements for growing healthy sod and using it within this region. As such, we produce sod with exceedingly high levels of soil compatibility. This ensures that these coverings are incredibly adaptable, due to their local nature.

Our sod also has a high capacity for water retention. This makes it far preferable to light soils. The result is less water use, lower watering costs, and far less labor. Factors like these are ideal for homeowners and small-sized businesses that want to diminish their costs without lowering their returns.

Another benefit of using our products is access to a much higher root mass density. This makes transplanting your greenery a seamless and easy process. It also ensures a high rate of survival and minimal stress on the items being transplanted. We have diligently tested all of our products and with truly impressive results. In fact, many of them show as much as 60 percent shade tolerance. They have also been proven to have a very high resistance to disease as well.

Call 630-557-2900 today for a free quote! We promise to deliver your order within just 24 hours of having cut it. This minimizes the heating of rolls and ensures a very high likelihood of success in transplanting. Let us help you get the resources you need for creating a beautiful landscape at an affordable cost.