Types of Sod and Which is Best For Your Next Project

For a lawn to reach its true potential, it needs to consist of premium sod that stays green and healthy all year. Whether you’re a seasoned landscaper or are new to the business, there are a myriad of different sod types that your customer could request. As a reputable sod supplier, we offer a couple of unique sod types that will surely keep your customers well satisfied, which is the key towards building your reputation and increasing your customer base. Because there are so many different types of sod to choose from, it can be difficult to identify which type to use in any number of situations. Understanding when each type of sod works best will ensure that your next landscaping job is a successful one.

Types of Sod For Sale

There are many types of sod that you can choose from for your next landscaping project, all of which consist of unique characteristics and resistances. It is important to understand that a customer of yours might also wish to use different types of grasses for their residential or commercial lawn.

For those living in Northern Illinois or the surrounding areas, the most popular sod in the Chicagoland area is kentucky bluegrass. This is a cool season grass that is equipped with deep roots that help it survive drought and even high foot traffic. It also has great versatility, adapting well to cool winters and warm summers. This type of sod should be fertilized about four times each year, should get a deep soaking of water every five days or so, and mowed at least once per week during the spring, summer, and fall.

Another type of sod that work particularly well in Chicago and nearby areas are is Fescue. Fescue is similar to bluegrass except it has a higher resistance to shade and foot traffic. However, Fescue will not have the dark, thick blades that bluegrass has. If you have a very shady yard, you might consider a fescue turf/seed, which might have better success than a bluegrass. Additionally fescue has low water needs, so homeowners and business owners won’t need to keep a close eye on the grass to make sure that it stays healthy.

In summary, fescue sacrifices looks for lower maintenance and shade resistance. At the same time, Bluegrass sacrifices ease of use for looks.

Utilizing Our Sod Delivery Services

We are one of the foremost sod suppliers in Chicago and provide service to many surrounding areas, including Naperville, Northern Illinois, Dekalb, Elburn, Wheaton, Batavia, St. Charles, Geneva, Sycamore, and other areas in the Chicagoland. No matter what your landscaping project entails, we can meet the specific needs of your project with high quality products, from sod to fertilizer. Seed and straw blanket products are also available. Our sod delivery services are flexible in time and quantities. We look forward to doing business with you!