Brief Overview Of A Sod Farm In The Chicagoland Area

The addition of lush green sod around a home or business adds to the curb appeal, as well as to the aesthetic appeal which can draw customer into the premises. There are several reasons for finding a local sod grower. Are you in need of locating a sod farm in the Chicagoland area? Dunteman Turf Farms has the best sod, seed, and fertilizer at competitive prices in the entire area.

Our farms are blessed by soil with the right composition of minerals. We plant seeds that are comprised of a special mixture of Bluegrass varieties. These grass varieties have been tested and have performed well in University turf trials. The varieties have been selected for color, individual strength, tolerance and adaptability to the specific conditions at the job site. The blends are disease resistant. We allow the sod to grow for a year and a half before we harvest the crop and ship it to our area customers. Our professionals are experts in the industry. We know how to grow and use sod in the Chicago area.

Some of the additional benefits which we offer our customers in Chicagoland, include strong compatibility and adaptation because it is grown locally. The soil is more suitable for sod growth. It retains water at a higher rate. Customers won’t need to be concerned about the need for high watering labor and expense. The sod has high root mass density, which makes fast transplanting possible.

The seed blend is shade tolerant. Shade levels as high as sixty percent are possible with our grasses. Even the best species and highest quality sod can benefit from the correct blend and application of fertilizer. Our professionals can help with suggestions on this topic.

Another location-based benefit of Dunteman Turf is in the harvesting and delivery processes. We use state-of-the-art, computerized harvesting machinery. The sod is cut to a consistent size, in ten-foot rolls which are much easier to manage. When an order is placed, delivery with one day is assured. The delivery speed minimizes roll heating and makes the chance of transplant success more likely. Because our farms are in close proximity, we can assure that delivery to the customer’s doorstep is very fast. We deliver lawn products to locations throughout the surrounding areas of Elburn, Elgin, DeKalb, Naperville, St. Charles, Aurora, Geneva and Yorkville, Illinois.

When you want information about reliable sod growers in Illinois, we can help. You can call 630-557-2900 today for a free quote!