Sod Delivery In Chicago; The Upsides Of Sod

The cost of sod outweighs grass seeds, but these rolls of pre-grown grass offer benefits that surpass the added value. But, adequate ground preparation is vital, whether you prefer grass seed or sod. The significant benefits of sods are evident after the setup process. Assessing the benefit of sod helps in determining if sod delivery in Chicago is a worthy investment in establishing your lawn.

Sods can turn a bare patch ground into a grass-filled lawn immediately you finish the installation. This gives you instant contentment in having a green yard. Seeded lawns on the same can take up to several weeks before the grass grows. The straws used in protecting seed-planted gardens also make the yard look unattractive. For anyone who does not have the patience of waiting for lawn seed growth, sod is always a faster alternative.

Once installed, the sod will not need regular upkeep compared to grass seed. Even though sod requires regular irrigation in keeping the grass moist before firm establishment, the sods will not dry out at a faster rate compared to grass-seeded areas. Seeded lawns require three or more watering sessions in a day to maintain proper ground moist. Less frequent sod irrigation thus saves on time and water.

Since sodded grass has already grown, the yard is, therefore, ready to use faster compared to seeded lawns. Young grass blades emerging from seeds are fragile and vulnerable to damage. Walking on such a lawn or using it for daily activities, including entertainment, can result in death or trampled grass.

Grass seeds usually rest on top of the soil, making them susceptible to wind. Unless the seed germinates and widespread grass growth is confirmed, your soil is more likely to get blown away. Given that sod entails a thick mat of already grown grass, it covers your lawn completely, thus keeping the soil in place. At Dunteman Turf Farms, we are well known in the timely delivery of quality sods. A significant reason why you need to reach out when in need of such services.