Rye Grass Seed Supplier In Chicago

For many homeowners, a patch of lawn is an integral part of their landscape design. The appearance of your landscaping will be affected greatly by the type of grasses or sod that you use for your green spaces. Some of the things to consider are the soil type, the amount of direct sun which is typical and the amount of watering which your lawn requires in order to look its best. Read on to learn more about the premium rye grass seed supplier in Chicago and the surrounding area.

When planning your grassy areas, it is important to note whether the spot has special requirements that will affect the type of plantings which will do best in the spot. The things to consider include the amount of sun that the area receives in a typical day. Some types of grasses do better in full sun, while too much sun will cause other grasses to go dormant. It is also true that it can be more challenging to get a lawn started in shady areas.

Rye grass is usually paired with one or more other types of seeds for the best coverage. In addition to the mix with Bluegrass seed or Fescue, there is more than one type of Rye seed species. Perennial and Annual Rye grasses germinate and behave differently. If you need a lush crop of green around your house, consider a fast response mix.

You need to think about the amount of traffic that the area is going to get and how much time you want to spend in lawn care. Average care mixes are proportioned differently than high care grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass.

Dunteman Turf Farms is prepared to supply contractors with premium quality grass seeds and related products throughout the Greater Chicago area. Each mix is intended for specific purposes and growing conditions.