Popular Landscaping Ideas

With each passing year, new trends and ideas come to the forefront of the landscape industry, paving the way for intriguing yards with new and improved setups that appeal to the modern homeowner. Even a homeowner who’s made twenty alterations and changes to their lawn over the years will still be looking for the latest and greatest ideas in the landscape industry so that their lawn can stand out among the rest. Sod is only one aspect of a well-landscaped lawn, and it must be paired with other landscaping ideas to make a beautiful yard.

Focus on Flowers Near Entryways

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Some of the most popular trends throughout the landscape industry in 2017 relate to adding warmth and color to a yard, making the home more aesthetically appealing. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by adding flowers near and around entryways, greeting guests with annuals and perennials that serve to make the house inviting. Petunia and Snapdragon are two that work especially well around low fences and just outside front yard porches. When a homeowner uses an assortment of flower throughout the year, their lawn will always be awash with color, dazzling and delighting anyone who stops by. When providing landscape services to your customers, lush, green sod can add substantially to the look of the yard.

Create an Elegant Look With Rambling Vines

Many modern homeowners wish to make their lawns appear regal and elegant, even when their home may not be as stately as they would like. Certain landscaping ideas and techniques can do wonders for a yard, turning it from a boring and uninteresting lawn into one that captures a person’s attention immediately. When you have a customer that wishes to add a look of elegance to their yard, consider suggesting rambling vines to them. Once planted, rambling wines wind their way around columns and fences, adding a unique and lived-in look that’s automatically appealing. Consider a flowering vine species for optimal results.

Add Verticality to the Yard

Another popular idea that many homeowners love when looking to add something new to their yard is to remove the one-dimensional nature of the home by adding verticality and height to the yard. Layers can be added with the use of planters and baskets throughout the yard, situated in a way that appears like waves of color when glancing out at the expanse. This is a great way to add immersion to a landscape and has the added benefit of providing plants with better aeration and drainage.

There are just some of the many current trends within the landscape industry. When you’re getting ready for a new landscaping project for a customer, consider selecting our products and services, which provide you with premium supplies and top-notch delivery for products like sod, seed, and fertilizer. call for information on wholesale pricing for our products and services.