Important Questions To Ask When Working With A Sod Supplier In Naperville

Healthy gardens and lawns begin with quality sod, seeds, fertilizer, and soil. Without these components and without the perfect balance of nutrients, even the best-loved landscapes are destined to fail. Fortunately, you can get everything you need by working with a reputable sod supplier in Naperville. Following are a few, critical questions to ask when working with these companies.

It is always best to start by asking prospective suppliers whether or not they are growing their own sod on site. This is the surest way to get nutrient-dense materials that are fresh, lively and healthy, and truly capable of supporting new life. When companies source their inventories from third-parties, they are hardly able to accurately verify the safety, usability and overall performance of the products they sell.

Another important thing to consider when deciding whether or not to work with a local seller that grows its own sod onsite is the likelihood of having potentially harmful contaminants in your purchase. This is definitely something that you want to keep in mind if you intend to plant an organic garden. Whenever multiple companies are involved in a seller’s supply chain, the ability to maintain good quality control invariably goes down.

Ask about the location of the sod. This is important given that you will be using it in a local planting project. If companies are having these materials shipped to them, there is always the potential to run into problems with non-native pests. Moreover, it will be impossible to ensure an optimum level of freshness overall.

You want these products to perform well in the natural environment. As such, they should be grown in the natural environment before being harvested and brought into your own yard. A good seller will be willing to help you find the perfect combination of seeds, sod, soil, and fertilizer for supporting your landscaping plans. Thus, if you are unsure how to combine these products successfully, make sure to ask for help in this area.

Keep in mind that reputable sellers are always willing to help their clients out with tips and suggestions for ensuring that their products are a success. Thus, once you have aligned yourself with a trustworthy sod farm and grass seed supplier, take some time to ask about any aspect of your project that’s causing confusion. When working with a local company, you’re sure to get strategies and suggestions that are specific to the nature and nuances of your own, local climate.