How To Achieve A Lush Lawn With Wholesale Turf Suppliers In Chicago

Nothing beats a beautiful green lawn that is well taken care of. The only problem is that stablishing lawns takes time and without the proper feed, watering, and maintenance, you can end up with brown patches, uneven growth, and bare patches of soil. The easiest way to achieve a healthy lawn is with the services of wholesale turf suppliers in Chicago who can provide established grass giving you an instant green garden.

Lawns are an attractive part of outdoor spaces but when it doesn’t provide uniform growth or you ust can’t get those sand patches covered, it becomes frustrating and time-consuming to manage. Grass requires a balance of regular watering, fertilizing, trimming, and weed removal to grow prolifically. It also needs the right conditions such as enough exposure to sunlight depending on the type of lawn you are trying to grow.

Growing grass from seed is also not easy and takes up to 4 weeks before it is long enough to rim. Overseeding lawns or growing grass in bare soil requires a lot of water and could take up to a year for roots to establish themselves and spread. As trusted wholesale sod turf suppliers, we provide a healthy lawn that is ready to plant and that will instantly transform your yard.

Our sod is grown to withstand a wide range of outdoor conditions and is delivered straight to our door where it is ready to plant. We also provide delivery services and will prepare the exact measurements of the turf that you need for easy installation. Our team will arrive with rolls of grass that you can easily spread onto prepared soil for an instant lawn.

For all sod sales, contact us for fully custom services and professional advice. Whether you eed to cover bare soil patches or the entire yard, fresh sod provides instant results. We are here to help you create a fresh, lush, and healthy lawn that adds value to your property.