How A Chicago Sod Supplier Can Help You With Lush Lawns

There’s nothing more beautiful than a deep green and lush lawn to adorn your yard. Growing and maintaining turf shouldn’t be hard and that’s why we provide our customers with the finest and freshest sod that is resilient and easy to grow. As a trusted Chicago sod supplier, learn why it is more beneficial to purchase fresh grass from us for your home or commercial property.

The fresh grass that is delivered to your property is cut to size and easily placed on the ground giving sandy and sparse areas instant fullness. The sections of grass grown on farms are specifically developed for long lasting and vigorous growth. It tends to root easily provided that the basic conditions for the maintenance of the newly installed lawn are met. Simply water your freshly delivered grass and provide it with a good layer of soil to keep the roots covered.

The delivery of green and healthy grass means that you receive mature turf that is ready to be planted. Once the soil is prepared and you are ready to lay the new grass, the area will be covered with a lawn that looks as though it has been growing for years. It offers a uniform appearance that is lush and easier to maintain than growing turf from seed because it has already developed an extensive root system.

For those looking for an instantly beautiful lawn, then having farm fresh sod delivered to your home or business is the best choice. It is the easiest way to cover open patches of ground and create a uniform turf or garden that provides a beautiful appearance. This type of turf is also a quick way to improve the curb appeal of the property, providing the value that you are looking for.

If you are looking for beautiful and resilient grass, then speak to us as your trusted commercial and retail sod supplier. We can help you with instant lawns that create an attractive feature while covering exposed areas of sand and bare ground. Speak to us for high quality lawn with simple maintenance.