Get An Instant Turf With Commercial Sod Farms In Chicago

A beautiful green lawn offers unbeaten curb appeal but growing grass from seed or from shoots is a challenging and time-consuming process. The installation of rolls of fresh grass not only provides an instant lawn but is also more resilient making it easier to maintain and grow. Our commercial sod farms in Chicago grow fresh grass that we prepare for easy planting and immediate coverage.

Whether owing to a lack of water, a recent renovation, or pests, a damaged lawn will create bare patches or die back. Yellow grass and exposed soil are unattractive but trying to grow grass from seeds to fill these areas is not always a viable option. The best way to cover entire yards or sections of the yard is with the installation of wholesale sod.

Our lawns provide green finishes and are farmed to provide instant turf with exceptional cover. The benefits of installing our fresh grass include ease of maintenance, fast-growing lawns, and value as it enhances the property and creates an attractive garden. Our grass will root easily when provided with well-draining soil for root establishment and the development of deep, green, and dense foliage.

If you want to know where to buy sod in bulk, speak to us at Danteman Turf Farms. We specialize in healthy lawns that are grown in large batches or rolls making it easier to transplant across large or small yards. We will cut the freshly grown grass according to your specifications making it faster and simpler to plant particularly for large areas.

Lawns that are cut and prepared according to your yard’s dimensions provide instant turf no matter the season. Bare patches of soil or entire yards that require new grass can benefit from freshly grown sod because it establishes quicker than growing grass from seed. For an attractive lawn that is also easy to maintain, speak to us for our fast-spreading and beautifully green grasses.