Choosing The Best Fertilizer Delivery Service

When some people think of fertilizing plants, they think of farms and crops or home gardens full of veggies and flowers. They do not always think about their lawns, but they should. Fertilizing your lawn can make it extra green and lush and keep it from looking brown or dried out, even in hot weather. If your lawn has seen better days, consider hiring a fertilizer delivery service to help it out.

Dunteman Turf Farms is your one-stop-shop for all things fertilizer, including delivery. Whether you run a huge farm or just need some help with your small home plot, we are here to serve. In fact, we serve a very wide area in the Chicago area, including Naperville, Geneva, Aurora, Yorkville, Elburn, St. Charles and DeKalb to name a few.

Fertilizer bags can be very heavy, as even your local hardware store will likely sell in bags that are at least 20 pounds or more in weight. This may make it hard for you to get them home, especially if you need multiple bags. That is why we here at Dunteman Turf Farms are happy to deliver as many bags as you need straight to your home.

You should choose a brand and type that is conducive to what your lawn needs. Many people think these are all the same, or you can use the same type year-round, but that is not the case. There are starter fertilizers that are great for when you are putting down sod and just getting your lawn going. There are summer and fall varieties as well that have the right balance of nutrients that grass needs for that particular season.

You should try to put the nutrients on your lawn within a day or two of a coming rainstorm. If there is no rain in your forecast, then you can simply water the grass to have a similar effect. This lets the nutrients from the fertilizer get into the soil and feed the roots so you have the greenest lawn on the block.