Why Most Homeowners Prefer To Buy Sod When Landscaping

Sod can turn a bare patch of soil into an instant lawn. If you are looking for the satisfaction of having a green lawn without waiting for several weeks, this option will work to your advantage. Remember that a seeded lawn will require several weeks before it grows properly. In case you are hoping to buy sod in Chicago, you can save a lot of time and money on your project.

If you broadcast the seeds, you will require to cover it with straw. This straw will make your property to look unattractive. If you do not have the patience to wait for the development of the dense lawn, the turf will suit your needs perfectly.

While the turf requires water to stay alive until it is firmly established, it will not dry as fast as a seeded area. Seeded lawns require several watering sessions on a daily basis. The reduced watering will save your time and money as well as reduce your workload. The turf will suit your requirements if you do not have plenty of spare time to spend on lawn maintenance.

Since the grass is already mature, it can be ready for use within a short time. The seeded grass will produce some delicate shoots that can dry easily if trampled before they mature. Sod has mature roots and shoots, meaning that it will be ready for use in a short while. As such, it can support some light activities within the first few weeks after installation.

Grass seeds are prone to dispersal by the wind since they rest on top of the soil. You will encounter the problem of wind erosion for a while until the grass is established. Walking on a seeded area means that your shoes will get dirty and muddy. While the turf is quite expensive, the benefits outweigh the added cost. Remember that it is quite easy to install, meaning that you can cover a lot of ground within a short time. A cost-benefit analysis indicates that the turf is a great addition to your home.

The lawn reduces the outdoor temperatures since it is always cooler than the rocks and bare soil. Nowadays, installing the turf has become the easiest way to establish a lawn. Remember that the Dunteman sod has been growing for about a year, and it will be ready for use just a few weeks after installation. Nothing can beat our grass when it comes to creating a surface for outdoor relaxation. Since our sod is a great option when it comes to controlling the erosion, it will match your requirements without having to spend a fortune. Besides using less water, the lawn will be ready for use within two weeks.